The Quardev Team is an eclectic group all working together to ensure we provide the best people with the key skills you need to deliver the best technical solutions. 

Joe Dillon, President and CEO

Joe Dillon, CEO & President

Joe is the founder, President, and CEO of Quardev. Joe has more than 25 years working with technology and software and has been lifelong entrepreneur who has started numerous companies; the first of which was started at 12 years old. Joe is the founder of the Quality Assurance Special Interest Group ( which hosts regular meetings that seek to engage members of the high-tech community in discussions on the evolving challenges in the software industry. Outside of work, Joe is a committed husband, a family person, and father of a terrific 10-year old son. He enjoys bicycling, playing music and really, really good food.

Shelly Dillon, Quardev Executive Director/Manager of Technical Communication

Shelly Dillon, Executive Director

Shelly is a co-founder, Executive Director, and Technical Communications Manager for Quardev. She has a long history in writing technical material for various audiences and leading the charge in creating the right content for the right audience. Always curious, Shelly is enamored with technology and is a lifelong student. When she isn't working you can find her hanging with her family, reading, checking out the newest restaurants, walking her dogs, or watching hockey (Go Wings!).

Krista Lindley, Business Development Manager

Krista Lindley, Business Development Manager

Krista is a Business Development Manager with over 15 years of experience working with clients to find and deliver the right solutions for challenges they are facing. She has a fierce commitment to her clients providing innovative problem solving to bring project success. Outside of the office you can find her spending time with her family, hiking, playing softball and golf, and on the sidelines of many sporting events from Little League to Cougar Football.

Jeff Franklin, Business Development Manager

Jeff Franklin, Business Development Manager

Jeff is a seasoned business development professional with a successful track-record in building valued client relationships. His background includes industry experience in telecommunications, wireless and over fifteen years in the enterprise information technology solution space. Jeff is committed to client success and building long term partnerships.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, playing a little golf now and then, attending car shows, and going on w-a-l-k-s (don't say the word!) with his cool K9, Teddy.

Carl Middleton, Quardev Operations Manager

Carl Middleton, Operations Manager

Whether it is providing sales support, negotiating or reviewing contracts, maintaining operational and delivery systems, organizing project teams, or managing the network infrastructure and facilities, Carl leads the delivery team for Quardev in providing the highest quality of service in the industry. Outside the technical world at work, Carl spends great quality time on various sports teams with his kids as a volunteer coach including basketball, football, and soccer where he also serves as the Youth Soccer Director for Terrace Brier Soccer Club.

Tom Armitage, Quardev Senior Manager

Tom Armitage, Senior Manager – Finance, Contracts & Scheduling

Tom has worn many hats at Quardev from managing test lead to recruiting manager to payroll manager. He created Quardev’s financial tracking and projection spreadsheets giving the company a unique insight into its financial health and future. Tom spent 20 years in television broadcasting before transitioning to the computer industry after earning his MBA from Northeastern. He spends his spare time with his family at their cabin in Gold Bar where he likes to hike, fish and photograph the area.

Torrie Arnold, Senior Technical Recruiter

Torrie Arnold, Senior Technical Recruiter

Torrie is an experienced Technical Recruiter, gaining most of his professional experience through 7 years of recruiting for world-leading Enterprise IT companies in Tokyo, Japan. While there, he recruited mainly engineering, sales engineering and technical sales roles.

Torrie is a dedicated recruiter and consultant, with a commitment towards developing an understanding towards candidate and client needs, and delivering solutions to meet those needs. Outside of the office, you can find him drinking coffee, hiking national and state parks, cycling, eating good food, listening to good music and appreciating Japanese whiskey and Highland malt scotch, but never all at the same time.

Audrey Jennings, Quardev Technical Recruiter

Audrey Jennings, Technical Recruiter

Audrey is a Midwest native and hails from the Windy City. She is thrilled to have spent the past 6 years enjoying mild winters and beautiful summers in Seattle. She holds a BA in both History and Philosophy and has used her talents to hire professionals in multiple verticals including tech, aerospace and even commercial fishing. When she is not scouring the globe for great technical talent, she can be found mainlining Diet Coke while handing out healthy snacks (and not too many) to our irresistible office dogs.

Parke Blake, Quardev Senior Test Lead

Parke Blake, Senior Test Lead

Parke is a software professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has been recognized for strong problem solving and leadership skills in many areas of the software lifecycle, including programming, software testing, and QA Management. Originally from California and later Colorado, Parke has since made Seattle his home and enjoys camping and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Nina, Canine Consultant

Nina is the unofficial Quardev mascot and like most of our team has an attentive listening style, particularly if there are treats involved. Nina loves to keep the office safe from squirrels, track down errant rawhide and popcorn kernels, and go for jaunts down the Burke-Gilman trail. When not at the office Nina loves to go distance running and hunting. Nina has been a great model and big sister to our newest office pup, Aussie.



Aussie is a young mini Australian Shepherd who enjoys hiding treats around the office, going for walks along the Burke-Gilman trail, snoozing, and playing with his pal Nina.